Buccaneer’s Bay | Unity3D | 2017

Buccaneers Bay is a pirate game in which you hoist the anchor ansail the seven seas, finding treasures and booty. During your journey you’ll encounter several nations and several ship types which try to stop you from continuing your awesome journey!


Buccaneer’s Bay was a university project in the first quarter of our second year in which we had to create an arcade game in Unity3D. We were given three weeks of time for development with a team of four designers/artists and two programmers. In this project we took some inspiration from the ship fights in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and simplified it to match an arcady style.

Personal contribution

Player/Ship controller

In order to give the player a good feeling of controlling the ship, we decided to make our ship constant move depending on the state of the speed meter. The player can use W and S to adjust the desired speed and the ship would accelerate or decelerate until the wanted speed is reached. The side movement can still be controlled by pressing A or D which would cause the ship to tilt into the given direction and move towards it. If the player wants to look around or have a better view for combat, he can press the Q or E key to snap into the side view which also enables an indicator for the cannonball trajectory. By pressing Space the player fires their normal cannonballs on either the side you are currently snapped to or on both sides if you are in a neutral view.


Game rules

For most of our levels the goal is to reach a certain area and then defeat the enemy ships. As soon as all enemy ships are destroyed you advance into the next level. To make the combat a bit more interesting, the game spawns powerups the player can pick up after he remains in a combat zone for a certain time. After a powerup is collected, the player can use it for a certain time whenever he needs it by pressing the Ctrl key. We provided pickups such as speed boosts, reload boosts, rockets and more. On top of that we offer supply crates which float around in predetermined positions in the levels or which can be dropped by the enemy ships. Those supply crates regenerate the health of either the player or the enemy ship that collected it slowly over time.


UI & Audio implementation

The audio implementation in this project was pretty straight forward since we just play an audio file whenever a specific game event happens. The UI however is a bit more interesting since one part of it a typical overlay and the other part is in the game world underneath the player ship. On the overlay we display things like a description of your current objective, an indicator for spawned powerups, the cannonball cooldown and the powerup the player is holding with its duration timer. The world UI on the other hand provides a compass pointing towards the direction where your current objective is located. Inside the compass the player can see the yellow speed meter on the left and the red health bar on the right.